Before being raised as a Parish 1873-1967:

A small plot was given by the Cantonment Municipality, Bangalore to late Rev.Fr.E Garnier, on 2nd December 1873 for the construction of a church in a place, then
called Knoxpet, later known as Murphy Town and still popular by that name and is now known as Hoysala Nagar.

In those days christian residents of this locality had formed a committee under the Presidentship of Mr.R.S.Arokiaswamy (Ex. ITC Clerk) and put up a chapel with
a thatched roof. Later, in 1934 he and his committee member contributed generously and laid the foundation for the new chapel, in honour of ST.Paul the Hermit
(Vanathu Chinnappar). Every Sunday evening there was prayer and bhajans and a procession was taken around the chapel.

In the year 1934 when the construction of the chapel was in progress, the construction suffered a set back due to lack of finance and the ork was stopped. Since
the Murphy Town chapel was under the jurisdiction of St.Francis Xavier’s Catherdal, the committee member from murphy town, met the then parish priest Rev.Fr. Servanton
and apparised him of the situation and he responded positively. During this period, the old church in honour of ST.Rock on St.Jhon’s road, cleveland town, was
demolished and a new church in honour of St. Francis Xavier was under construction. The dismantled old door, windows etc were used for new chapel at Murphy Town.
Added to this local people without expecting any remuneration whole heartedly supported and completed the construction of the chapel. Mr.A.C. Savariappa whole
was then the custodian of the chapel key, donated the Alter Table. After the completion of the chaple Fr.Servanton blessed and inaugurated the new chapel in the
year 1935.