catechism school

Almighty and everlasting God, You are the creator of the universe and the Lord of all things. Everything is subject to your power and there is no who can withstand you. In your graciousness, you willed to send your Son to us as our Savior and our Good Shepherd.

Through Him, the King of glory, you restore all things  anew, and draw all peoples of all nations unto your flock. O Lord our God, the only one Shepherd of us all , come to our help for we are alone and  have no helper but you.  We accept our weaknesses and our sinfulness.  By the blood of Jesus you Son cleanse and sanctify us.   Make us worthy to stand before you and be subject to your gentle rule.

Lead us on to the green pastures of your nourishing word and restore our souls by the living waters of your Holy Spirit, lest we stray away from you.   O Lord our God, in times of darkness and despair, when burdens seem too heavy to carry, and we abandoned by all those around us, when the future  looks bleak and all seems lost, be you are guide and our Shepherd.   With your staff lost, be you our guide shoulders of love, and restore our dignity  as your children.

Protect our families from all divisive forces.  Empower us to fight and overcome the evil one.  Strengthen us to always remain  faithful to you against all odds till we make our home in your house for all time to come. You see our hearts. You know our desires.  Possess all that we Mary followed.  Hear our prayers O Lord, and have   are and take all that we have.  We are your sheep.  Teach us to listen to your and follow you now as Mary followed.  Hear our prayers  O Lord, and have mercy on us. Turn our grief into rejoicing and our defeats into  victories, so that we may live to sing your praises for ever and ever. –Amen